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Recovery Solutions

Deciding to get clean and sober is the most important decision you will ever take. Recovery Solutions is run by fully qualified and experienced professionals in the field of addiction who offer a discreet, affordable and non-residential programme of recovery which is able to demonstrate a proven record of success.

Based in Hampshire, the Recovery Solutions Day Programme is focussed and challenging and has been devised to take into account the modern day demands of professional and family obligations.

As well as working with the client, Recovery Solutions also offers a Family Programme which has proven to be an important component for a comfortable and contented life of sobriety.

We are committed to recovery and therefore provide an Aftercare Programme and an ongoing Support Network for as long as the client feels the need.

For individuals who require it, we offer safe, comfortable and serene private accommodation . Set in beautiful grounds, our recommended guest houses are managed by caring and empathetic owners.

Availability and tariffs available on request.

Complete confidentiality is assured.

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